Sunday, July 25, 2021

Hey Y'all! Answering a Few Questions About Us

Hey Y’all! We’ve had a few questions lately and lots of new faces, so let me introduce myself and answer a few of those questions.
•I’m Janice East. 10 1/2 years ago, I started this as a Etsy shop at night/weekends, while I worked at a flower shop. This coming Christmas will mark 7 years of being self employed and this has grown so much more than I ever imagined.
•I was one of the first to make a burlap and lace wedding bouquet on Etsy and that’s all I did for several years. I have 40+ colors of burlap and have shipped to all 50 states and multiple countries.
•I have a 1959 vintage camper, “Miss Gussie” that we use for some of our events. I thought Yamboree 2015 was a one time show, but we left there with an invitation to do another and it’s kept going from there.
•We have expanded to have our own website {} plus our Etsy shop (although I’m not adding much new stuff to Etsy.)
•I knew when I left the flower shop, I would have to diversify beyond burlap and lace, I just didn’t know it would be clothing.
•We make all the shirts you see in our shops. I’ve taught myself about graphics, building websites, and pretty much everything it takes to run my business.
•We have a large selection of our tee shirts in @p20landcattle on the square in our hometown of Gilmer, TX. (check their social media pages to confirm daily hours, as they do fluctuate some.)
•We also participate in the Gilmer Farmers Market during the summer and will have several fall events.
•When I left the flower shop, I didn’t intend to do fresh flowers, but you ask and referred me to your friends, so I do freelance floral design. I don’t keep flowers on hand, but can get them for events, funerals, or weddings.
•Each day, I create motivational, inspiring, or fun graphics for our pages.
•We love to repurpose and have a very rustic gazebo (that was literally pulled from a trash ditch) and garden. It’s how many of you have found us! I did a tutorial on planting in a Rusty Bottomless Bucket and it got featured by some big bloggers and was a hit on Pinterest. Still my top blog post at
It’s a lot, my schedule is crazy, and for the most part I’m a one person show, but somehow it all works out!
•Oh, and we have a farm!

We would love for you to follow along on our journey and you can do so at
Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest @gypsyfarmgirl 

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