Friday, May 21, 2021

How to Create a V neck Tee Shirt with Fringe Sleeves from any Basic Crew Neck Shirt

You've been asking for more V Neck tees... I'm listening and have a few colors coming in this week, although, I thought I would show you how you can take any of your basic, crew neck shirts and make it a v neck. With just three items, you probably already have, you can create the v neck, which is perfect for summer. In the video, I also show you how to create fringe sleeves.

cutting a tee to create v neck and fringe

Currently, our options for v neck shirts from suppliers are very limited and I refuse to offer a tee, if I can only get it in a couple of sizes, so this how-to shows you how you can alter any of the tees to create a v neck. The shirt I used, just happened to have a hole in the sleeve seam and be my size, so I experimented and had some fun with it. This would be a fun activity you can create for yourself or a summer project with your children. I believe I even have a shirt that had beads added on the fringe sleeves, so you could raid the craft supply stash (you know we all have a kazillion beads lurking in our craft rooms) and let them string the beads on the fringe and tie a knot to hold the beads on. It's a simple project, that can be completed using things you have around the house. 

If you want to see the really quick version of this, I broke it into two Instagram Reels and TikToks at less than 40 seconds a piece. We would love to see how you transform your tees, so make sure you tag us in your pictures! 

Grab the Plum Crazy Crew Neck Shirt online or in our space at P20 Land and Cattle on the Square in Gilmer, Texas. (I will be restocking all sizes online, as soon as my shipment of blank tees comes in.) The colors of this tee are so unique with the bleaching technique I used! 

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