Thursday, April 9, 2020

Making Face Mask

Hey Y'all! I hope you are all doing well or as well as can be in this time. As I type this, I should have been getting ready for a show tomorrow, but we all know that in person events have been cancelled in April (and who knows when we will get back "on the road again." 

Sunday, I was messaging one of my burlap vendors and she told me she had been busy. I told her I was glad she was, since we have taken a big hit with shows being cancelled, weddings postponed, and being unable to get certain supplies. She replied that she was busy making cotton mask and if I had any way to make them, to get busy. She even sent me a link to her pattern and price point. Etsy had put the call out for makers too, so I started digging through my cotton fabric stash and got busy. My stash of cotton was not huge, since I do more burlap and lace things, but I've been digging through my collection and have made several.  

I made some for family, then I started listing them in my etsy shop, when they were made. I'm not taking custom orders or taking on large orders to fulfill, since I am working with what fabric, ribbon, and elastic I have on hand.
As I've dug through fabric and sewing the mask, I recall where, when and why I bought some of the fabric. Some was for pillows, some for hair bands, some for scrunchies that was made all the way back in the 90's! Some fabric came from helping a friend clean out a house a few years ago. Some ribbon is left after making homecoming mums or different projects. The vintage cowboy fabric was bought at an estate sale - I didn't have a vision for it, but I liked it and bought it anyway. Now it has a purpose.  One day the shirt I was wearing said "For the Love of Junk Reuse, Repurpose, Rescue" and it was pretty fitting.  Another time I was streaming music because I'm saying no to negative news on the TV and radio) and Dolly Parton came on with A Coat of Many Colors, while I made mask of many colors. 
I've also donated some to a health care clinic that helps take care of a family member and left one for our mail lady who has been handling all of our packages. 

 We add them to our etsy shop, as we get more made, so the online inventory is always up to date. Since they are listed as "ready to ship", I get them shipped out and sent to you quickly. Each has a slot in the back for adding your own filter and come with either elastic or ribbon for tying around your head. I truly wish you all the best and send my well wishes to everyone. We appreciate all of you who support our small shop in the good times and the tough times. Making the mask has kept me busy this week and I'm glad I can help someone out, in a time of need.

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