Sunday, March 29, 2020

Let's Take a Drive

I keep finding myself saying "this is all so crazy." Really, I'm not sure how else to describe the current pandemic situation. Everything is closing,  being cancelled, or much slower than usual. Finally, on Friday, I had a few deliveries to drop off and a few things to ship out. 

I haven't been out much on my own, for over two weeks, so I was itching to have a purpose to get out, where I could control the radio station and feel free to stop in the middle of the blacktop road to take a picture or 10. (Jeff and I still go to the farm and help with his parents, but otherwise that's about all the places we've been since our last show.)  

Side note - If you are staying home, make sure you crank your vehicle every few days or you might have a dead battery - my older battery didn't like setting idle for 9 days and had to be replaced. 

So come along with us and I'll show you some of the East Texas back roads that I traveled, while making my deliveries. Everything is turning green, the dogwood trees, and wisteria are all blooming, along with clover, Indian paintbrushes, and "yeller" weeds as my daddy called them. 

One of the roads I traveled down has very little traffic and I love this spot, so I got out of my vehicle to take a few pictures of the wisteria. I decided to take a short video, trying to capture it all. Hope you enjoy my walk along "wisteria lane." 

Hope you enjoyed our short drive around the rural route! We will try to share more of the spring wildflowers that we see and hope you'll do the same, since we can't travel everywhere. 

We had planned to go to the Ennis Bluebonnet Trails this spring, but it has been canceled as well. We will  miss seeing the bluebonnets, since we don't have large fields of them here in East Texas. Even though we could stay in our vehicle, travelling the bluebonnet trails is restricted, since visitors to the area would need public restrooms that are closed, etc. So we will try to share some pictures from years past and look forward to getting back out there in the spring of 2021.  

Hope you are all staying safe and well. Please hang in there and we will all make it through this time. 

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