Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Vintage Market Days of East Texas

We are so excited to announce that we will be participating in the Vintage Market Days of East Texas to be held at the Pickers Pavilion in Lindale, Texas September 20-22, 2019!
VMD of East Texas moves to Lindale, Texas

The East Texas Show has previously been located in Nacogdoches, although it is moving to Lindale, which means its much closer to home for us. We had previously been invited to participate in this show several times, but schedules, distance, etc prevented us from joining. With the move to Lindale and all the shirt inventory we are building up, this time seems like a great fit. We applied for the show (it is juried and categories are limited) and after a week, we found out we were accepted!

A couple of years ago, Angea and I went to shop at the show in Nac and let me tell you, these folks put on a fabulous show, so we are excited to get to participate in the next one! 
So mark your calendars NOW, you don't want to miss this experience! 

Oh and hey, Miranda Lambert's home town store, The Pink Pistol, is located on the same street, so you can shop there as well!

We will still have our monthly show at the Mineola Antique Fair and we have a couple of other shows lined up for fall, so it's going to be a busy and fun time. Now excuse me, I've got to get back to sewing!
Mineola Antique Fair schedule

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