Wednesday, June 5, 2019

So What Do You Do Now?

So what do you do now?

Well, it's kind of a long answer!

 I get this question occasionally, so for anyone who doesn't know, I thought I would take a minute or two to answer it.

First off, I have an online wedding shop. I work from our home on the rural route and I create custom burlap and lace wedding bouquets that ship worldwide. I usually have about 40 colors of burlap in stock plus lots of vintage lace! Along the fabric theme, I also create one of a kind upcycled clothing items (think distressed graphic flannels, fun vintage pearl snap shirts with lace, etc) and recently I added graphic tee shirts to my shop. You can find them at 

 I've also recently launched my new website Why Rust and Romance? Well, because we love rust, junk, and vintage transformations and then we tie in the rustic weddings and romance. You can find many of the same items on the new website plus more of my junk finds and transformations. You can also shop this site, directly through my Facebook page: (There are some ready made bouquets on this site, however Made to Order / Custom wedding work hasn't been added here, at this time, although always available - just send us a message.)

 Next, we have a booth at the Mineola (Texas) Antique Fair. This venue is open the second weekend of the month and we split this booth with Angea at Rooster Tails. While we do help each other on projects from time to time, we each have our own inventory, but our styles and products mesh really well, so the items are all displayed together! We've got all kinds of fun "junk" in our booth, along with vintage finds and repurposed items, home decor, and our clothing. It's fun having someone to work the booth and go junkin' with! (While some think Angea works for me or vice versa, all the finances are kept separate. Although, if either of us gets a big project, we are always there to help each other out and we have "board meetings" to bounce ideas off each other!) Watch for an exciting announcement about this venture, coming soon!

After 15 years working at the flower shop in town, I left to devote my attention to my online shop.
I didn't plan to do fresh flowers anymore, but "once a florist, always a florist!" By request and your referrals, I create fresh and silk flowers for weddings, funerals, and special events. I don't keep fresh flowers on hand, although I can get them as needed. I try to always keep a few nice silk wreaths on hand (even if not listed online) that work great for funerals and serve as a keepsake the family can take home plus they don't have to water it like a plant. Need something in a hurry for a service - this option works great. I also create silk cemetery pieces as well.

Plus we have a farm! Want to see occasional cute baby calf and funny donkey pictures? Come over to or to see them and for our daily dose of inspiration and see all the things we are doing, along with pictures from our flea market style yard and life in the country.

Or, I guess the short answer would be "I make pretty things!"

I'm here to help you, however I can!

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  1. Lordy've come a long way!
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