Friday, February 22, 2019

Use the Pretty Dishes!

Pretty pink floral print dishes make my heart go pitter-patter! My sweet mother-in-law has some of the prettiest mismatched serving dishes and I just love them! When I comment on one, she is always telling me that she found it at a garage sale or thrift store, usually for less than a dollar. They aren't in perfect condition, but we use them on a regular basis at her house, and they make my heart happy. 

A few weeks ago, I was at the thrift store and passed up 5 dinner plates for $3.00, that were so pretty, but I said "I don't have room for more dishes..." 
vintage pink floral dishes

Early last week, Jeff's mom mentioned having a Valentine Party. I decided to make a strawberry trifle and she pulled out a pretty trifle bowl for me to use. She had got it (for free, but that's another story) at an estate sale in the community a few years ago. She recalled Mrs. Meadows bringing her desserts to the community and church functions in this same dish and she was so glad I made our dessert in her pretty bowl. I had taken my ingredients to their house the night before and had a basic glass trifle bowl, but it wasn't anything special and I certainly didn't mind using her pretty bowl instead.  

For our party, we used the pretty napkins, a vintage tablecloth, and had flowers on the table. I made paper conversation hearts and hung them from the mantle and chandelier. We enjoyed the time with the ones we love. Our party wasn't really "pinterest worthy," but it was real life and a good time was had by all! 

A few days before our get together, she commented that she didn't know if it would work and didn't know if everybody would get to come. I told her it didn't matter of there was 4 of us or all 10, we would still do it and it would be fun. (We had 9 for our Valentine Party!) 

We eat supper with Jeff's family regularly - on another night, she got out the pretty blue bowls for us to eat spaghetti. It was just three of us eating in the pretty dishes, but it made the food taste just a little better; a little fancier than the everyday dishes. 
use the pretty dishes, that tell a story, and make you happy
It got me to thinking - why aren't we using all the pretty dishes more? It's been reported that the millennial's and younger generations do not want their Mother or Grandma's dishes or other items we think of as heirlooms that will be passed down. Thrift stores are reporting being overrun with household items as the older generations are downsizing or estates are finalized and that these items are hard to get rid of. What we once thought was expensive china or dishes that we say are being saved for "special occasions" aren't really that valuable after all. So why are we hoarding these things away in the cabinet, collecting dust? Why not enjoy them, while we have a chance? 

This is my Grandomther's china - I confess that I had to dust them, just to take this picture and I think I've used them once in 17 years. They've only come out of the china cabinet when I've painted it and maybe one holiday. We should really change that...

We visited with a sweet customer at the last Mineola Antique Fair. She told about her grandmother who loved scented powders. She took her a bottle on each visit, but her grandmother didn't seem to wear it often. When the granddaughter ask her why she wasn't using it, she said she was saving it for "special occasions." When she died, her cabinets were full of the powder and only two bottles were open. She ran out of special occasions, long before she ran out of powder. 

 I've been thinking about that conversation and recent experiences -  You know, I do have room for pretty dishes, it's just occupied with dishes / things that don't excite us. The peach pattern dishes we have are ok, but not vintage-y and fabulous. Simply put, they are practical, but nothing special. You know what I'm going to do? As I'm shopping spring garage sales and at the thrift store, I'm going to gather up my own collection of pretty mismatched dishes that make my heart happy. When I get that set, I'm going to load of those peach dishes up and donate them! I'm sure someone out there loves peach lattice dishes, it's just not us. 

Along the same lines, I've purchased or made some new clothing items for myself recently. Are they always practical for what I'm doing? Not always. 
I felt kind of like a fancy farm girl with my (faux) pearls, rust and romance tee and flannel while feeding cows this week, but it was fun and this new sweet suga-love took a felfie (farmer-selfie) with me. 

This world needs more happy - let's live an inspiring life and enjoy the things we have, instead of muddling through waiting for the special occasion. 

Let's use the pretty dishes, wear the scented powder, wear the things that make you feel pretty, let's fix the dessert and use the dishes that have a story to tell and evoke memories. While we ate that strawberry dessert, our family recalled memories of the Meadows family. While I didn't know them personally,  I do remember my side of the family baling hay on the property when I was a kid.

Spend the time with the people you love, tell the stories, enjoy the things you have now, for we aren't promised tomorrow. 

Do more of what makes you happy

Now excuse me, I'm off to hunt for some pretty dishes! 

*Please eat dessert responsibly ;) Everything in moderation and according to your health requirements or you might run out of special events, quicker than you want to. 


  1. Oh Janice! What a sweet post!!
    AND...this is the Very thing I’m doing...about a month ago, I looked at my plain white dishes and felt absolutely nothing., I ordered a setting for four of Blue Willow. I love them and am now building on it. Found four more blue and white plates called, Historical Ports of England, at an antique store here in town. I’m loving them! I’ll do a blog post and take photos of the different patterns. I also bought a set of dishes years ago by Noritake called, Keltcraft, The Hunt. 8 plates, cups, saucers...teapot, etc. Then I bought...years ago...a four place set of Royal Dalton. SO...I thought Why am I not USING all these dishes? Oh’s the blue and white set that make me happy and I’ll be building on those.
    Thanks for the post girlfriend....

  2. I absolutely love fallen in love with your Facebook page and this Blog seems like it's going to be a hit as well. I love antiques, vintage tablecloths and dishes, etc. Keep up the good work with keeping us up to date with all things Vintage. Much love, Kim

  3. Love making old new again! You do a beautiful job.


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