Wednesday, February 21, 2018

What I've Been Working On...

Where has February gone and why haven't I posted anything lately??? Good question! 

Virginia, Kansas City, Columbus, Ohio, 
Duluth, Minnesota, Midland, Texas, Tennessee, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Las Angeles...  

It's wedding planning season and we've been busy making burlap wedding bouquets that have been shipped all across the country! 

When I tell people I make burlap wedding bouquets, most think its just for country / western weddings, but here's the thing - Philadelphia and L.A. are big cities (that's just about as for from the country as you can get!) 

I've had customers submit their photos and some are very rustic elegant, without the country feel to it, while others are very rustic country. (Check out the featured wedding tab to see customer submitted pictures.)

Recently, there's been several new color combination request. This dark purple and jade (light turquoise) is very springy and makes me happy! This order shows small and medium size bridesmaid bouquets.
rustic wedding bouquets made with burlap and lace flowers

This navy burlap wedding order has two toss / junior bridesmaid bouquets (top) and a small bridesmaid bouquet. 
rustic wedding bouquets with navy burlap flowers
 A medium size jade bouquet. I get questions regarding the different sizes of the bouquets, so these pictures show the different options. The medium size bouquet is similar to the bridal bouquet, since it has the lace collar (does not come standard on the small and toss bouquets) although it is not near as full as the bridal bouquet. Budget conscious brides have been ordering the medium size for themselves recently.

rustic wedding flowers with turquoise
 This is a turquoise toss bouquet and boutonniere.

burlap and lace fabric wedding flowers
 Navy bridal bouquet, toss (bottom left) and small bridesmaid bouquet.
navy fabric wedding flowers
 So February has been very gloomy and rainy. It forced me to take pictures indoors and unfortunately, I don't have great indoor lighting or space to spread out 10 bouquets... Anyways, this order was completed with navy, gold, tan, and white burlap roses and extra white lace.
gold and navy burlap bouquets

 Two toss / junior bridesmaid bouquets, one small and medium bouquet, along with two turquoise boutonnieres.
rustic turquoise burlap wedding flowers

 Have I mentioned turquoise goes with just about any color? This was a new request for hunter green with turquoise!
Again, I had to get creative with the pictures, because of the rain and gloom, so I went to the farm and took pictures in the hay barn, while Jeff was feeding the animals. wedding corsage
 Wristlet corsages accompanied this ordered. I imagine these are going to be worn by the mothers of the bride and groom.
mothers corsage

rustic wedding flowers
This order was different, where the bridal bouquet was jade and the attendants bouquets (medium for maid of honor, 3 small for bridesmaids) had turquoise. Kind of an ombre effect with shades of turquoise and I like that idea! I would love to see pictures from any and all of my wonderful customers and feature your wedding pictures here! 
shades of turquoise
 On a happy note, the daffodils started blooming this week, reminding us that spring is coming soon! I meant to get outside and pick me a big bouquet yesterday, but didn't get home before it started raining again. We are dealing with flash flooding and heavy rains this week, so they are droopy at the today. This girl is ready for some sunshine and yard working time!
We also had our first baby calf recently! I had told the girls (cows) at the farm that it was TIME to start having babies. The very next day, this sweet little thing was born! 
So that just about sums up what's been happening lately - head down working on helping all of you with wedding flowers, checking on the critters at the farm, and trying to stay warm, dry, and waiting on sunshine.

I better get back to work now, I've got to get all our stuff ready to go to Uniques and Antiques tomorrow, work on a few more bouquets, answer several emails, and Friday is Career Day at the school and have to do a presentation (9 times) to elementary age students. I'm a little nervous about all that and got to get all my supplies ready... Wish me luck and hope they don't find me too boring!

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