Wednesday, October 11, 2017

You're One of a Kind Girl

This fall, I've either had or have several events where I need to dress up, more than my usual boots, t shirt, and jeans. I've searched online and in a few local stores for something that fits my personality and style and it just ain't happening. I've thrown a few hissy fits as I try on clothes and throw them in the floor of my closet. For the most part, at these events I will be a guest, although I'll still be working. 

At the last wedding, I had my friends save me a seat, but then I was handing the girls their bouquets as they got ready to walk down the aisle, helped the bride with her train, and then I didn't want to wander through the chairs to find my seat after the bride walked down to her groom. Then we realized the candles needed lighting, before guest walked back into the reception hall, so we grabbed a lighter and missed the actual ceremony. I didn't set down till halfway through the reception, after being on location working, all day long. 

Why am I telling you this, when I started talking about clothing issues? 

I made a list of the things I wanted in a functional outfit:

  • I prefer to wear my boots... no high heels or sandals, because of my feet. I will be on them working all day (10-16 hours) and I must be able to wear my insoles in my shoes. Kind of like the way they describe a horse "bad feet, bad horse" - my feet hurt = not a happy camper or productive worker or a pleasant guest.
  • I prefer something rustic, vintage style, but dressy enough. 
  • Maybe Boho Cowgirl is my style? I like part of those outfits I've been seeing online. 
  • Absolutely no strapless, loud print, zebra, or chevron. 
  • Bell sleeves get in the way of every-freakin-thing. I saw several sleeves hanging in the food at the serving line recently. Cute, yes. Practical, no. 
  • Cold shoulders? ehhh, they are ok, although no part of me wants to be cold...
  • Must cover all the private parts...nobody wants to see mine or your braise-ere and for me, going without, is not an option. 
  • I'll always think longer dresses are prettier. Hello, I was bent over the tables setting up arrangements, candles, and fixing trains... no body wants to see your drawers or my super white knees! 
  • Leggings are tolerable, occasionally, but I feel like twenty-two-ton-Tessie when wearing them and the claustrophobic feelings they induce leave me ready to have a major meltdown. I just don't get why everybody likes them???
  • And pantyhose? The man who invented them should be hung with a pair. That would be a definite NO WAY, not every going there again. And please do not let them bury me in a pair... I will haunt you!
  • BONUS POINTS to any outfit that has pockets for lip gloss and scissors! My boots usually hold my keys, lip gloss, and phone. My back pocket of my jeans has a pair of scissors in them most of the time. 
It's hard to find ANYTHING that fits my requirements and I wore a few of my favorite mix and match pieces for the last few outings. Was anyone else dressed like me? Nope. Sometimes I worry about it, then I remember what Granddaddy always told me 
"You're one of a kind girl, you are one of a kind."

Then I realize, why do we want to look like someone else or buy the same ol' clothes at the store that everyone else shops at? So here's a little pep talk for me and all of you struggling with what to wear, will I fit in, does this look ok, nobody else looks like me... Its ok! BE YOU! Rock it with confidence and be glad you aren't like everybody else.

I also came across a quote the other day and it said
"If you are an ordinary person, there are billions of you. But if you are creative, there is only one of you." 
-Wael El-Manzalawy

So, why be a normal, ordinary person and fit the cookie cutter mold? I prefer not too and that's why I like creating one of a kind fashion items. There are mostly casual shirts and jackets at the moment... maybe I should branch out and try some things that meet more of my personal requirements for dressing up. 

(By the way, I wore these pants, that look like a skirt, with a different top and boots. If anyone knows where I can find similar ones, PLEASE let me know! I found these at a garage sale and love 

UPDATE! I found a dress I love! It's long, yet trendy, fitted, yet not too clingy, no need for leggings, I can wear my boots, plus it has pockets!

You can find it at my affiliate link on Amazon! It comes in several different colors as well. Only draw back is that I'm short, so I'll be cutting off a couple of inches. If I was the type to wear heels, it wouldn't be a problem. 

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