Friday, October 27, 2017

Farm Adventures

It has been a while since I've shared any ramblin's from the farm, so here's a little about today's adventures.

Jeff and I had scheduled a trip to the livestock market with a load of calves. We didn't talk too much about it, although we both made sure we got up early today. I ate breakfast then Jeff took the dogs outside (so they could do their morning business) as he fueled up the truck and made a few other preparations. Trixie absolutely, positively knew something was up and she was NOT staying home today. She never ask to go when I go to town or if I'm working.  Now if Jeff and I both dress up, she wants to go, although she understands when we tell her we are going grocery shopping and to the feed store and can't go with us. If we both look like its a farm work day, its on and she wants to go.

Trixie loves to go to the farm and knows its an extra special trip on sale barn days! She whined and whimpered as I got dressed, made tea, and grabbed some snacks and water. I put her Farmall "necklace" (collar) on and she was super excited! I told her to stay in the house while I hooked up the trailer, but no, she darted out the door and ran straight to the truck. She was making sure she was in the truck today and we were not telling her no! Punkie doesn't get as excited, but she loves to go as well. She likes to stretch out in the back seat, while Trixie sits on the console or Jeff's lap. If going less than 30 mph, she prefers the window open! 

We headed off the farm - nothing too exciting has been happening lately, just the routine work of feeding and checking on everybody and we haven't had any new babies for several months. I'm anticipating a few fall babies and finally last week, we had a new one! She was born during the Yamboree, so I've been calling her "Sweet Potato" (our county fair celebrates the yam!) Her mom has not wanted me anywhere near her new baby and would take off away from me, whenever I wanted to see or photograph the heifer calf. So I've waited to get her picture, till today! Of course she felt safer on the other side of the fence and didn't take off away from the truck today! 

We got our calves separated out calmly and loaded in the trailer, ready to head to market.

As a child, I always loved "sale barn day." My parents finally figured out that it was really the trip to the doughnut shop that I liked so much! Now, you must understand that growing up, we didn't eat breakfast out (and I still don't), unless we were on vacation or the occasional stop on sale barn days. I would get a bag of doughnut holes from the sweetest little lady at the doughnut shop in Pittsburg and was always confused about a baker's dozen! 
Fast forward to my adult years - we still don't eat out very often and we still look forward to sale barn days. Now, I appreciate being able to sell some of the calves we have raised plus there's a trip to Dairy Queen! And somehow, Trixie has figured out this little treat as well! She just knows that she will get some of Jeff's blizzard once we get our load of calves delivered! I do believe she knew early this morning, before we ever left home, that it was a Dairy Queen day!

We go through the drive through lane to order and get our food, then pull out back to park and eat. Trixie (who generally growls at strangers) was all sweet and making eyes at the girls in the drive through window, because she just knew what we were fixing to get!
Punkie loves ice cream too!
This just cracks me up! I let them lick the cup clean and her expression is like "ahhh, this is soooo good!"
Yummmm, we love Dairy Queen in Winnsboro!
Hey, share with me! 

Now, we are home and they are having a lazy afternoon on the couch after all their big adventures today! 

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