Monday, June 27, 2016

Sophisticated Swamp Bayou

"Sophisticated Swamp Bayou"

That was the theme for an event I designed fresh flowers for this weekend! It was a new theme for me and I loved all the textures, flowers and foliage that was used to create these arrangements. 
My customer was taking them out of town, so I haven't seen them all displayed on the tables at the historic plantation setting. 
When a friend heard the theme, she said "I didn't know the swamp could be sophisticated."  When I sent her one of the pictures of the completed arrangements, she replied "Yessss! You really can be SSB!" 
Bells of Ireland, green hydrangeas, trick, fujis, trachelium, silver dollar eucalyptus, amaranthus, alium, explosion grass, curly willow, pussy willow branches, lotus pods, and Spanish mosh created the swampy bayou look. 

These where fun to make and I heard everyone liked them at the event! Makes me want to have a swamp party- how about you?!? 

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  1. I think you have found your forte!
    Beautiful arrangements!!


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