Monday, June 20, 2016

A Girl and her Brother

There's a relationship that forms between a girl and her Brother.

It takes work and patient. Sometimes he's sweet, nice, cooperates with me and does everything I want him to do. You learn what buttons to push and which ones not to. 

There's other times were he's just plain stubborn, doesn't do anything right, gets in a tangled mess, and you want to throw him out in the yard or take a hammer to him. It's not too often he flares up and causes this anxiety and frustration, but ya never know when the needles going to break. Then we fight and I say ugly things. 

When he's good, it's great. When he's bad, I'm not a happy camper. 

He hums away as he works and this week he's been extra busy, cooperating with me and been productive. 

Now if you thought I was talking about my real life brother, you were wrong! I'm talking about my Brother sewing machine! I'm in the middle of a big pillow cover order and (knocking on wood) my Brother has been good this week! 

Oh and my real life brother, we fought like cats and dogs when we were growing up. His teachers called him an "Angel" at school, but as soon as his foot hit the ground, as he stepped off the school bus, he was a holy terror! Now, he's a pretty good guy!


  1. I really thought your meant your "brother" and I would have agreed with you. LOL

    I hope my great grand-son Jase will be an "angel" when he starts to school, because he is really cute, but really bad. I've caught on to some of his ways, but he can still get to me. LOL


  2. P.S. I spent the night over at their house last night; sometime during the night he had gotten up onto the kitchen counter, took the cookie container and there they were in his little dump truck. Goodness gracious, I'm about too old for this. :) xoxo


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