Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Yeehaw! There's the sweetest lady in blog land, known as Ms. Sally from Whispering Hope. She has been a continuous source of encouragement, supporter, and cheerleader since the very beginning of GypsyFarmGirl. Go MIA on the blog, she comes checking on you and always has a positive comment for my post. She's been here since the beginning, when I told very few about my shop and yet we've never met in person. If I ever find my way to Florida, I'm going to have to pay her a visit! 

Well, now her 10 year old great granddaughter, Miss Hunter, has opened her own online shop, and Ms. Sally is there helping her out and getting her cowgirl apparel shop going . Of course I had to order a t-shirt from her, because we are all about dreaming BIG and supporting small businesses! 

This is from her about page:

                              Welcome !

Hi: I'm eMilee

I'm ten years old and this is my first business!

Being the CEO of your own company is awesome!

I really wanted to be the Treasurer too, but my Memaw said:

"Hold on there little cowgirl, let's get this show on the road first!"

I hope y'all like the clothes and accessories we've started with.  If you do please tell your friends!  We appreciate YOU.

Many thanks also to those who have helped us, especially allowing us to use pictures of your own horses!  :)

I chose the Yeehaw! shirt in navy. 

Hunter is a cowgirl and reminds me of myself at that age. I grew up on horses and was going to play days, barrel racings and joined 4-H when I was ten. Some of my favorite times were spent on horseback! The  horse below reminds me of my first horse, Sam. I started barrel racing and pole bending when I was 7, so I can see my younger self in her pictures! (Maybe I can dig up some of my old horse pictures sometime soon.)

I'm so glad Hunter has such an encourager like Ms. Sally, who believes in her dreams of owning her business and selling horse tshirts and accessories. Every child (and adult) deserves someone like that in their life! 

I purchased the shirt from her shop and the order was fulfilled by spread shirt. I appreciated that there was a sizing chart and I could pick my shirt color! I usually don't order fitted t's online, because they all tend to fit different and be too tight in all the wrong places, (as was the case with a separate, but extremely cute shirt.) Since there was a sizing chart, I was able to measure one of my tshirts at home and compare to see what size I needed. I decided that the large would fit me best, compared to my unisex mediums I usually wear. I was not disappointed when it came in! It fits, without being too clingy, yet it's not baggy or too big! The order was fulfilled quickly and shipped within 2 days. 

I ordered on Sunday, had it in my hands by Saturday and wore it junkin on the next Thursday! That's the reason I have a newspaper in my hand, along with my ipad- got to have them to find the garage sales! And yes, I do say Yeehaw when I find a great deal or have that vision of how I can transform something I find.  

So please go check out and help support this little cowgirl's BIG dreams! I know she will appreciate the support! 

*I was not paid for this review. I purchased the shirt myself and volunteered to share the love for it here, as Sally has been a great encouragement to me and I want to pay it forward to Hunter's dreams. 


  1. Isn't it fun?!! I too, ordered a Tshirt and also the bag...present for my sister. She's all into her horses.
    Such a sweet post Janice...Love me some SallyGirl!

  2. awe Janice, you have me in tears. Such a lovely thing for you to do! Bless you, sweet lady. Yes, I've loved you, your spirit, your abilities from way back. Your such an incredible artist and come up with the awesome thoughts, then put them in action! I continuously am inspired by you, Janice. Best wishes in all you continue to do. xoxo


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