Saturday, May 28, 2016

Little Mermaid meets Burlap and Lace

The theme for this wedding is "Little Mermaid meets Burlap and Lace". 
She has gorgeous red mermaid hair and the groom is a boots and jeans guy and together they participate in trap shooting gun competitions. The weddings colors are red, mint, tan and cream, with ivory lace. The bride to be chose the "jade" burlap, as she thought it was closest to her chosen shade of mint. Each wedding package can be customized  to reflect the couples color, theme, personalities, interest and of course number of attendants, etc. 

Rustic wedding bouquet
Bridal bouquet with red, jade, tan and white burlap roses and ivory lace

rustic burlap and lace wedding bouquets
Medium size burlap bouquets for maid and matron of honor

red and turquoise bridesmaid bouquets
Small size bridesmaid bouquets
As we discussed the details and ideas of her wedding, she ask if I was able to make shotgun shell boutonnieres and she nearly cried when I said yes. The groom really wanted the shotgun shell bouts, but she didn't see any in my shop. From time to time, I do have request for them and was happy to make them. My nephews were happy to contribute shells to the cause! I went to take their senior / family pictures last week and there was lots of skeet shooting involved and I snatched up all the empty shells from them! They also promised to save me more and get me more colors of shells. (Currently I have red, yellow and a few black.) The boys participate in the 4-H shotgun competitions, were they just placed 1st and 4th in their divisions.  
shotgun shell bouts
Shotgun shell boutonnieres with burlap rose

rustic wedding flowers
Shotgun shell boutonnieres with burlap rose - the ring bearer is getting a little mini burlap rose for his flower. 

rustic wrist corsage with burlap

red rose corsage
Red rose wristlet corsage

mother's corsage
Jade burlap wrist corsage

Rustic wedding corsages
Neutral colored wrist corsage

I certainly hope we get to see pictures after the wedding! I know it will be a gorgeous event and I can wait to see how they pull it all together! 


  1. How wonderful! Love the colors, and yes I hope to see pics also of the wedding! :)

  2. I LOVE all the colors girl and the shotgun shells!! Too cute!
    hug hugs


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