Saturday, March 31, 2012

How I Plant in Vintage Wash Tubs

I have a little trick that I will share with you about planting in vintage containers.
The truth is this old vintage wash tub is on a very rickety pedestal stand and I don't know how long the base will support the wash tub full of plants. I also like to be able to change out the plants in the tubs as the season progresses. I'm trying a few new plants this year, and don't know how well they will get along with our Texas summers. The trick is finding containers that will fit inside the tub!

Plastic growers pots are flexible enough to work in between larger, more sturdy pots. I bought the pink flowers last year, and can't remember their name. The pot sat underneath a tree since last summer and started blooming this spring. You can place liners underneath the pots to protect your container.

Plant an assortment of flowers in the container and then ADD MULCH! Mulch gives the finishing touches and hides the pots. If one plants dies, pull out the pot and replace with something different.  
So now you know one of my tricks to planting flowers in rusty, junky containers. We use this technique at the flower shop when we create European Dish Gardens, except we use Spanish Moss to conceal our mechanics.

The same technique was used in this wash tub as well.
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