Thursday, April 21, 2016

My office...

My office is not the traditional sort! I work from wherever I roam. Thanks to modern day technology, I am able to be flexible and work outside the 4 walls of a traditional office. 

This morning I was on the road early to a vintage market for supplies (can't wait to show some of my new products I'm working on) and delivering a wedding shower corsage to a local customer. THE Junk Gypsies commented on my Instagram pic this morning too! The see the world glamper air freshener was a gift from a friend and the "Resist Much. Obey Little." tag with a Walt Whitman quote came from a junk gypsy purchase last year and hangs on my rear view mirror. 

I stopped on the backroads to answer a return call and talk business with a supplier and order fresh flowers for an event next week. Uhhmmm, secretaries day is next week y'all! Don't forget! 
I answered email and text from the cow pasture, while I checked on my girls. 

I stopped and ate lunch and yes, I was on my phone the entire time. I was alone in a restaurant. I know, most people think, gosh, people should put their phone down to eat (and I do a lot) but I was having a "business meeting". You just couldn't see or hear the customer on the opposite side of the table. If I would have had a laptop or a yellow legal pad, everyone would say "oh she's having a business lunch", but my phone is all that and more for my business. I had lunch with a customer in Ohio, while grabbing a burger in Texas, as we worked out details for her bridal bouquet order. It's a rush order, so I needed to correspond timely  to help her out, instead of waiting till I got home this evening. 

I guess I'm rambling on to say, just because you see someone on their phone a lot, it doesn't just mean they are playing on Facebook (I just may be talking with potential clients in another state or country on fb or Etsy though) and goofing off. It is a job and customer service for some of us who have businesses and don't conform to a traditional office. 
I live and work on the Rural Route and that's just fine with me! 

Now I'm back home and working to get the rush order made and blogging. And you know what? I love what I do and wouldn't trade it for a 9-5 job! So thankful for modern day technology and everyone who allows me to help them with their events and special occasions!  

Edited to add- the finished bouquet is ready to go out tomorrow! 

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