Thursday, April 14, 2016

Happiness is...

Happiness is... 

Finding a lawnmower at a garage sale 
And coming home and getting to mow my yard! 
For a little back story - about 13 to 14 years ago, Jeff bought a very similar mower from his friend for $50.00. The friend moved to an apartment and didn't need his less than one year old mower. We've mowed with it ever since. In fact, last year we literally ran the tire of it and Jeff welded it back on. The deck was rusting out, but I loved that little mower. Just the right size to get through my trails in the yard and I could easily crank it. Last fall it turned cantankerous and it hadn't successfully mowed this year. 

Jeff has been working on it (and I still have faith it will run again), but he would say things like "you might should get a new mower." I didn't want to, not that we couldn't, I just liked it and it's size and it goes against our principle to buy new. Have you priced a new push mower? Add in, Jeff thought I needed a fancy model, with bagger (something else to clean out) and self propelled (my mower is my free gym membership and workout in the summer.) Geez! We really couldn't agree on what I needed! 

Fast forward to today - Angea and I have been having girls day aka business meetings (we have to discuss our upcoming market ideas, after all) on Thursday mornings. We go junkin', hit a few thrift stores, garage sales, and then go eat lunch. We have fun and laugh a lot. We were headed back to town to eat lunch, when we saw an unadvertised sale. We turned around, followed the signs and there she was! 

The man cranked her up on the first pull and she ran smooth. I said "sold" by the time he killed it! It's just like my beloved little red mower, just has a different brand name on it, but it's in a lot better shape than my old one. She could use a new blade, although I came home this afternoon and mowed my yard! Yeehaw! 

Oh and she only cost me $25.00! 

Junkin' and yard therapy, all in one day -  That's happiness! 


  1. Yay for a new mower! I love mowing the grass; gives me time to think about things without my head being crowded, if you get my gist. $25.00 is quite the bargain, Janice. The last one I had was called "peaches" LOL Haven't settled on a new name for this one because I truly love peaches! LOL Yes, I'm just tad crazy like that. I do have a name for my nearly new car - Betsy!


  2. You're still young...Hahaaaa....give me a riding mower Any day!
    Happy weekend girlfriend!


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