Monday, March 14, 2016

The Plant Chandelier

There's items you intend to sell, but then you make them and really want to keep it for yourself. Latest example: this plant chandelier! 

Here's the before picture. The chandelier got a makeover this week and 3 pots of herbs. My intentions are to take it to the Backwoods Marketplace this weekend, although, now I'm having serious doubts about it actually making on the trailer to go. 
It might get "forgotten" and stay hanging on my gazebo or it might not have room in the trailer! If there is room and I do remember to take it and nobody loves it like I do, well my feelings won't be hurt! If someone does love it like me, I'll have a good excuse to go junkin' and find me another old chandy to transform. 

So, I guess we will have to wait till Saturday morning to determine if she goes or if she stays... 

P.S. I promise to have some of the vintage chicken feeders at the market, that can be transformed into planters or rustic light fixtures. 

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  1. It's beautiful, Janice! I do love it; you just keep on having such wonderful ideas. I hope you have a lot of success this weekend. Will say a little prayer for you. xoxo


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