Sunday, March 6, 2016

Oh baby!

Over the past few weeks, there's been several new babies at the farm! Want to see some cute baby pics?  

It's a boy! 💙🐮

It's a girl and she has a very spunky, fun attitude about her! She was born on Valentine's Day and I call her Juliet. 💗🐮

Her first calf, his first steps! I came back from the feed store and she had a new baby and was looking at me like "what just happened here?" She then proceeded to play hide and seek with her baby for a week. Some cows will hide their babies for a few days, till they get strong enough to keep up with the herd. 

Last year, this cow had her baby in the snow and ice and we had to get her up in the shelter to keep the new baby warm and dry. This year, she picked a beautiful, warm and sunshiny day to have her baby! I fed all the cows and was looking everybody over and she took off to the woods and across the creek. She stopped once, looked back at me as to say "come on, hurry up, I got something to show you!" I like the cows that like to show off their babies instead of the ones that like to keep secrets hiding from me! 

It's always exciting to find the babies and another thing I love about spring! 

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