Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I couldn't help it!

Saturday, when we were packing up from the open house event, I couldn't help but get a picture of the Christmas tree in the back of my truck! 

I mean, especially after making all the vintage truck and camper pillows! If only I had a vintage truck to pull my glamper! 
Here's a look at our booth. It was cold and windy Saturday and we got our first frost Saturday night, so we are thankful to everyone who braved the cold front and came out to shop! Fortunately we were on the south side of the building and had some wind break and got inside Miss Gussie to warm up between customers. 

Also, a shout out to Jeff for being a part of the road crew and making sure our setup didn't fly away! Can you spot him camoflauged in the booth as he was strapping down everything? Angea from Rooster Tails had an assortment of signs, wooden decor, and Christmas items this event as well. 

'Twas a good day and fun event! No more pop up shows are scheduled for the winter, so I'm looking forward to having a little fun with the camper! Seems like I've been packing and loading stuff since August and I want to snuggle down  in my cozy bed and catch up on my shows, even if it's just in the yard! 
I started putting up my Christmas decor today. So much cuter than last year, since she has a paint job and awning! There's still more to come and I'll be sure to share when completed. 
Here's a peek at some of the new items I'm uploading to my etsy shop now! Be sure and sign up for my newsletter to get in on the Black Friday, small business Saturday and Cyber Monday sales!

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  1. awe - Ms Janice - everything looks so wonderful! Glad you had a helper too.
    I'll be looking for your sales!! :)



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