Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Getting Ready for Open House!

Deep down inside, I really wish I had a vintage truck to pull my camper! Wouldn't that be cool? Last week, I had a Facebook fan ask about a vintage Christmas truck pillow, to go along with the glamper.  I woke up the next morning and it was all I could think about, so I went straight to drawing a pattern and then to sewing. This is her order that will be delivered this week, but here's a little secret, I have more and they will be available Saturday at the Starry Nights Art Studio Open House! 

We are loading our camper with all kinds of decor and gift ideas for Saturday's show. We will be set up with Gussie and she will be gussied up and open for you to come in and see her. 

Lots of new pillows will be available, including wings, campers, crosses, and some with quotes. I've got a couple new photo albums available as well. Print out pictures and fill the albums for a very personal gift! 

I've got several new dream catchers with lots of vintage lace and feathers. 

I was 99% sure I had 2 new white Christmas trees in my storage building. I decorated one and went back to get the other one and I can't find it. It's driving me bonkers, so I guess that 1% is right and I only had 1 white tree. It's a small table or desk top tree that is decorated with handmade burlap and lace flowers, pearls and ornaments. Oh, so shabby chic! Now, if that other tree would miarcously appear, I'd be tickled! 

We are getting excited about setting up again and still putting the finishing touches on a few more items, including some Christmas centerpieces and lamps, so I don't have them photographed yet. 

The sewing machine has been busy sewing new stockings as well. I'll have a big box of ribbon on hand for customizing the sashes on the stockings or for making Christmas tree bows. 

So here's the fine details: 

Hope you can come see us! For all you too far to come, all the new items that do not sell Saturday, will be available next week in my etsy shop! 

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  1. Everything looks lovely, Janice. I wish you lots of luck on Saturday. :)


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