Sunday, October 25, 2015

Yamboree Recap

I'm finally getting a chance to write a follow up to our Yamboree booth at the fair. Simply put, we had a blast! It was wonderful getting to meet and talk to everyone in person and we loved hearing "y'all have the best booth here!" Most folks couldn't believe it was our very first show and we heard "this looks like something the Junk Gypsies would do" several times! We were also told it looked like something out of a magazine! Gussie got lots of attention and loved showing off to all the visitors who carried on about her. 

Customers were able to mingle through our booth and shop like in a real store. We vowed not to have simply a table top display and there would be lots of levels and a welcoming feel to our set up. This was right before we opened Thursday morning - I'm on the left and Angea from Rooster Tails is on the right. 
We both had lots of stuff and intermingled all our goods. 
Each morning before we opened, we rearranged the set up. Saturday morning we had an Texas Aggies vs Texas Longhorns look. Maroon / red vs burnt orange and fall colors! I think the Aggies side won ;) 

For anyone that remembers the desk post and how Jeff wanted to keep it - well it came home with us! Haven't unloaded it out of the trailer yet, but we are working on a place to put it in the house. 
Friday, long time Instagram friend Jen @city2countrygirl drove up and we were able to meet for the first time in person! 

These two sweet chicks had fun hanging out while they shopped and we visited with Khloe's mom. 
They picked out a headband each and then had played with Vanessa (the headband model). 
We were in the process of closing for the evening and they helped us rearrange and fixed Vanessa's hair and used one headband to form a choker necklace! 
Then they helped model the peacock bouquet! Apparently real peacocks are on Khloe's Christmas list! 

This sweet girl was excited to pick out a dream catcher and had to step inside Gussie to look and I asked if I could take her picture. She was a sweetheart and posed for me! 
We had a Yam good time eating Angea's yam pie for breakfast! I had bought all the ingredients for pie, but ran out of time to get them made. 

Here's a few more of Angea's goodies - she had a lot of fabric pumpkins and they were a hit! 
We also made gift bags and baskets for the livestock sale, that were given as buyer thank you gifts. 
And then we were on the road again, headed home with dirty fingernails, tangled hair and a smile on our face! We had fun and in fact, we were invited to do a show next month! So stay tuned for our next adventures! We are working on more Christmas items and holiday decor to be added to my shop asap. 

I had several fall rope wreaths left after the show and these have all been listed in my shop. I've also got the first ever Gypsy Farm Girl T - Shirts available, along with several other new items. It's come a flood all weekend (10+ inches) so as soon as the weather clears up, I'll be doing another photoshoot with some more exciting items. 

We are so appreciative of everyone who shopped, stopped and visited, shared on Facebook or Instagram and encouraged us along the way! Saturday our booth got really busy and we couldn't personally speak to everyone as they came by and that's the only part that made me sad. 

We know it was a crazy week with everything happening with the Yamboree, so if you didn't get a chance to stop by, stay tuned for our next event! 

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  1. awe - Janice, I am SO glad it all went well. You had a lovely setup, and I'm sure everyone enjoyed meeting you, and shopping. :)


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