Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It's Almost Time!

It's coming down to the wire - just one week till we load the trucks, trailer, and Miss Gussie and head off to the Yamboree! We (Angea and myself) are both busy little bees, creating items we think you might like. We've got everything from rustic country, farmhouse, French country, shabby chic, repurposed funky junk and boho gypsy chic style to lots of vintage lace decor and burlap wedding bouquets! 
We are talking back and forth and sharing on Instagram / Facebook about all the stuff we are working on and let me tell ya, I think our booth will be busting at the seams! 
Vintage doily and hankie pennant banners / garlands are in the works and a few more dream catchers. 
 Angea is creating a very french country pumpkin patch! She's got lots of fabric pumpkins, that you never have to worry about rotting or stinking! 

Together we will both have lots of decorative pillows 

and furniture. Lots of painting has been happening and these are a few pieces I've been working on. I've got one more desk that I hope to tackle tomorrow or Thursday and a few touch ups to do.  

Speaking of paint, I occasionally forget to wash my brushes, but how cute are these little turquoise brushy Santas ornaments? 
Angea has Christmas wreaths and I'm working on more rope wreaths for the holidays. 

It's a mess out by my camper! We've been out picking and unloading stuff near the camper and shed, all while trying to determine what to keep and what gets to go to town and  finalizing the props and get our displays built! I'm sure the traffic passing by wonders what the heck I'm up to! :) 

Fun times and lots of memories in the making! We are both so excited about setting up next week and sure hope that you can come see us at the fair. Stay tuned to Instagram or Facebook for more updates and see how we pull it all together! 

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  1. So many, many beautiful things, Janice. I wish you both a lot of luck! If I lived near, I'd surely be there. :)



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