Friday, August 1, 2014

Pride and Prejudice - Burlap and Book Page Wedding Bouquets

The Pride and Prejudice Wedding Bouquets- 

Morgan sent me a request through my etsy shop for burlap wedding bouquets, only she wanted more doily type fabric in her bouquet and pages from the Jane Austen novel, Pride and Prejudice. 

I customized her order with navy, rustic red, tan, and cream burlap roses with pearl accents. Vintage doilies were tucked among the bouquets and pages from the novel were used among the flowers. 

In each bouquet, I tried to include the title of the book and the authors name, so that each person carrying the bouquets would be able to know the significance of the pages.  

Small bridesmaids bouquets only had red, tan, and cream burlap roses, as the bridesmaids are to wear navy dresses. 

Morgan also requested two stretchy lace bands with coordinating flowers for their dogs!

I tried to get my dog to model for me, but she wasn't the most cooperative! I got the "mom, really?" look and "no, I'm not looking at the camera" poses from her. Hopefully, Morgan's dogs are more excited about being a part of the wedding day festivities. 

Wristlets for the mothers and grandmothers also included the option to be pinned on if they wanted to. 

Other than trying to get the title in the bouquets, I didn't pay attention to the words on the pages. As I finished this wristlet, I realized the leaf said "her mother". Purely coincidental, although I mentioned it to the bride and she said she would make sure her mother received the wristlet to wear.
Boutonnières for the groom, men in the wedding party and one little ring bearer. 

Now I have a confession, I've never read Pride and Prejudice. I wished I would have taken the time to read the book, before I ripped the pages out and worked them into the wedding bouquets. How about you? Have you read the book?


  1. No ma'am I haven't either. But, Janice you did an awesome job on all of those. I know she'll love them.

  2. I've never read the book either, but you sure made great use of it! I love all of these creations, and I really got a kick out of your pooch modeling the flower collar! hahaha.... The look says everything!

  3. The bouquets are awesome. I have read Pride and Prejudice, but Persuasion is my all time favorite Jane Austen novel.


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