Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Birds Approve of the Junk!

We've had baby birds this week! It has been exciting to watch as mama bird made her nest in my junky, rusty flower bucket on the gazebo. Its made for easy and convenient bird watching. We discovered yesterday that we had babies and tonight as I watered outside, I notice mama wren was out hunting for food. I grabbed my camera and stood on the front porch and watched them.
 These birds are lovers of all things rustic and junky! Makes me like them that much more!
This was mama bird sitting her nest a few days ago.

As I watched the wren, I suddenly realized there was two wrens working on feeding the babies. This is a family affair! They both landed on this set of old bed springs before moving up to the gazebo rail, then into the bucket.

I shot this picture with my phone, so forgive the blurriness. Here's a glimpse of the babies! Sadly mama bird has taken two pieces of plastic into her nest.
I love being able to watch mother nature and photograph the life of these babies!


  1. Lovely pictures :)
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Love your photo's as always!
    I can see where it's so interesting
    watching the baby birds. :)

  3. Love the babies!! Your photos are SO Pretty Girl!!!

  4. It's so fun to watch our feathered friends! And they have good tastes on where to locate their home, LOL.


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