Thursday, July 11, 2013

After the Rain and a Cute Bird Nest

After a summer rain, everything looks better. No matter the reading in the rain gauge,
a nice evening shower helps wash away the dirt and lift the spirits. We received a light rain this afternoon and I found myself out with my camera. Not too  much is blooming in the yard right now...its just been too hot and dry. I did find this rose bud that enjoyed a drink.
 These two junk buckets are holding on with the heat. Last week, we watched a sweet little birdie build a nest in the bucket with the mixed flowers. She has a tunnel style nest built under the purple petunias. I guess she is a fan of rusty junk and approves of the bottomless bucket for a home!
 We think it is some type of wren that has built the next. I watched each day as one new egg appeared. I've yet to capture a pic of the mama bird. (Follow along on Instagram for bird updates.)
As I wondered around with my camera, I noticed these onions that were plopped on the rail of the gazebo.

 Just thought they kinda looked neat sitting there!

We definitely need more rain. If I hear one more person day "if it rains, its gonna ruin our plans..." yada, yada, yada...I'm going to scream. It was two years ago that the drought and fires were so bad and we don't need a repeat of that.

Hope y'all are all having a great summer and staying cool!


  1. Your garden photos are lovely, as usual! It's a special treat when a bird decides to build a home in your outside decor, LOL. I wish we could send some of our rain down to you this year. We have over 17" above normal for the year so far.

  2. It IS hot and 'gonna be 102 here today as well. Maybe tomorrow we might get some rain...crossing fingers and toes!
    BEAUTIFUL rose shots Janice!!!

  3. Sure hope you get more rain. we were getting a lot for a while,
    now we need it again. Love your photo's. That's a great shot
    of the onions. :)



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