Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pond Reflections

After a very busy Saturday, I was finally able to stop yesterday afternoon at the pond and relax for a few minutes after I checked on the cows. I had my camera with me so I took a few pictures at the pond.
 I love the rustic barn reflection in the water and the crooked tree. The water was still for this picture, while the there was ripples on the next one, really creating a water color feel.
 As I sat on the bank, dragonflies fluttered about and occasionally landed on the stick in front of me.

 This green heron lurked around the water's edge while I enjoyed the various reflections and quite time at the pond. We sure could use some rain. I'm not liking seeing the water level dropping like it is.
While I was at the pond, I recalled the time my college ag teacher ask what each of us called a body of water like this. I instantly said "pond," with lots of looks from the others in the classroom. Then all the locals said "pools" and one said "tank." I told them, where I was from a pool was a swimming pool and ponds for cows to drink from. So now I'm curious, in your area, what do you call a body of water like this?

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  1. definitely pond for me. lots of folks in this area say tank, though.

    i hope we continue to get some rain. we got 3 inches earlier this week (thank goodness!)

  2. It's a pond of Course! Love the shots Girl! Looked like a peaceful spot!

  3. Your pond reflections are so lovely and peaceful. I wouldn't mind pulling up a chair myself! And that, my friend, would be a pond to me, too!

  4. Pond, for sure. However, in the past I've heard people say "pool" when it's a small water hole. :)

    Beautiful photo's; so glad you were able to have some quiet time for reflections. ((hugs))


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