Saturday, June 2, 2012

12 Creative Junk Flower Containers

My yard has a rustic, junk yard theme this year, using recycled items for creative flower containers. I have shared several of my junk planters this spring and wanted to give an update on the flowers and share some new planters. Donna from Funky Junk Interiors is hosting a garden themed linkup this weekend with the opportunity to win a subscription to FOLK magazine, so I thought now would be a great time to share 12 of my creative flower containers.

While using this style chicken feeder for a light fixture has been popular recently, I planted flowers in mine! I honestly never though this shallow container would hold up to the east Texas heat, but it has done really well and become one of my favorite containers in the whole yard.

 This wheelbarrow holds a whole flock of hens and chicks! Do you see the chicken feeder hanging from the rose arbor?
 The rustic bottomless bucket is still growing good and the petunias have really taken over the wash tub. I originally had planted ranuculas in with the petunias, but they didn't hold up very well.

 My nepthytis seems to like living under the gazebo in this trash ditch rescued water jug.

The pansies occupy this old crock, but I feel as if the June heat will soon over take them.

The springeri is nestled in this old Gulf can and the water jug and watering can holds spider plants. An old rusty popcorn tin holds the aloe plant.
 The spider warts are blooming in the mornings and the oregano is harvested occasionally from this washing machine tub that is hiding a plastic pot.
I rearranged things this week and moved this English Ivy to the gym locker basket on the old vintage bicycle. I'm excited to see the zinnias and cosmos blooming beside the bicycle.
I am glad I went with a junk theme this year in my yard. I like seeing all the rusty containers much better that a bunch of plastic or styrofoam pots, plus they cost much less than purchasing new planters!

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  1. Beautiful! Your old pots and containers reminds me of how my grandmothers would do their flower gardens back when I was a kid. I remember she had some ornamental peppers in an old coffee tin that I just HAD to try one day. UT Oh, was that a mistake. I did almost cry when I saw your number 3 churn full of flowers. James and I collected churns, love them.


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