Friday, March 30, 2012

Customized Chair Cushions

Finding cushions for the chairs in the gazebo was the most trouble and costliest part of the entire makeover process. I finally settled on these green and tan chair cushions that were $16.00 each.

The dogs and cats think these chairs belong to them. As I was doing my Junk Yard photo shoot, I realized Annie had snuck in the chair. I'll admit she was pretty cute sleeping there, but the cushions from last year did not hold up well with the dogs using the chairs for beds. As soon as I put the cushions on the chairs, our dog Bo, took a seat, so I knew I had to come up with a plan to protect our seats.

I had also wanted the chairs to have a vintage, rustic feel about them and that was something the big chain stores do not offer.

So I decided to cut a strip of burlap and tie around each chair. The first night I had the cushions, Farmall Man tied an orange hay string around the cushion to hold the seat up and prevent animals from sleeping in the chairs.

The burlap was tied with just enough slack that the chair seat can be tucked in the burlap. I like the look of the burlap wrap, the animal problem is solved and no more hay string!

Of course now the dogs are mad at me now, but I think my cushions will last us several seasons.
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  1. Well, how about that! Clever girl. There seems to be no end to your creativity, Janice. I always love coming here to see what else you've been up to!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, young lady! :)

  2. LOL, you are so clever! Somehow, I think your critters will forgive you!

  3. Was that made from executive chairs? It's really really clever. I think I can revamp my executive chairs at home and see if I can also do that.


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