Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Bicycle and a Bundt Pan

This bicycle has been a fixture in my yard for several years now. Last year I moved it by the gazebo and like to plant flowers on it.
The gym locker basket is wired to the handle bars and holds my parsley plant.

 In the past, I've used one of the coconut lined hanging baskets, minus the hanger, to put over the seat post, but this year I went with something different.

I know I said I wasn't going to buy any new flower pots from the store this year,  but I think this will  pass! I was at a garage sale earlier this month and saw this old Bundt pan for 25 cents. I wasn't even sure where I was going to use it when I planted the marigolds in the pan. I had planted the flowers and was walking around the yard when I saw the bicycle. The hole in the Bundt pan was perfect for the post on the bicycle! (I did drill a few drain holes in the pan for drainage.)

 No wiring or rigging a flower pot to stay on the bicycle! I then decided to add a few sprigs of creeping jenny to the cake pan, so that over the summer, there will be a cascade of greenery flowing out of the pan. Several years ago I bought a couple of creeping jenny plants and now I can take a few divisions from other locations to fill in as needed.
 I already had the parsley plant from last year and I used less than 5 small marigolds for the bicycle. I think the 6-pack of marigolds was around a $1.89. So the total cost of flowers on the bicycle came in around $2.00!

To see more pictures from my "Junk Yard", please click here. I'll continue to share tips and tricks for how I pulled off my frugal, rustic, vintage spring gazebo in the coming days.


  1. You're so crafty Girl! Nice job...can't wait to see more!

  2. How fabulous, I love the whole space! Great ideas.


  3. I love it, it's just perfect!! I want one too!!


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