Monday, January 9, 2012

Purple Pansies

Saturday on our trip to town, we entered Wal Mart through the Garden center and these purple pansies screamed at me and said "take me home"! Well I bought me a few pots of pansies, cause well I'm tired of the dull colors around here and my front porch steps are bare. The pumpkins are gone, Christmas decorations are gone, it was time for some fresh flower blooms.
 So I planted the pansies in this old crock and a few in an old dish pan. Ahh, it felt good to get my hands in the dirt! I saw onion sets at the store too... that means gardening seasoning is getting close and since we are starting to get more rain, well I'll be eager to dig in the dirt very soon.

It's raining here as I type this and we actually got about 8 inches of rain in December, yet still fell over 20 inches short for the year. Hopefully 2012 will not see the terrible drought conditions like we did last year.
The purple pansies and a blog makeover this weekend have been just the color fix I'm needing!


  1. The place looks great! Love those pansies too.

  2. i'm very happy for the rains today too! i hope they keep coming all day as we're finally getting some big puddles and run-off!

  3. Everything looks great!
    LOVE a pretty pansie!
    I also love all this Rain!!

  4. Oh, you're killing me here! I can't think of colorful pansies for another couple of months!

  5. I love pansies; yours are beautiful!! :)

  6. Oh, those pansies just lift my spirits!

  7. Hey, Janice. is everything okay with you and Farmall Man? Missing u. ((hugs))


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