Monday, September 5, 2011

More Fires...

Fires are continuing to rage across the area today. One of the "big" fires last night has now burned over 1000 acres and is about 50% contained. These fires are jumping roads and taking houses in their path. There are at least four large fires burning in our county now. Other fires in the East Texas area are still burning as well and have taken at least two lives.

These pictures were taken just a few moments ago of 2 new fires burning to the northeast of us about 10 to 12 miles. The wind will not bring this fire towards our house, but we have to worry about fires starting closer to us.

 My brother is on the scene of one of the fires. We have heard on the scanner that the third house was fixing to burn at his location. The last picture shows darker smoke starting to billow up and we expect it was the third house. The other location was threatening several houses and racing across fields. There are actually two seperate fires burning in these pictures. They are very close together and the smoke is joining together and travelling south.

On my way home from work this afternoon, our community VFD was dispatch to a illegal trash barrel burn that had got out of control just 2 miles from us. What are these crazy people thinking???
This is scary people. I'm sure half the USA know Texas is under a burn ban, yet we have people trying to burn trash and BBQ today.

We heard Volunteer Fireman from several counties away are on their way to help our guys. I'm thankful for all our men and women who are working these monstrous fires this weekend.

There have been 2 airplanes flying over ALL day. We have determined that these are Air Tractors are helping fight the largest fire by dropping chemical retardant from them.

The darker smoke on the far left in this picture is a house on fire.

 I know it will be a long night for all the firemen working these fires and now that my brother is one of them and these fires are so close to people I know, I am really concerned for all their safety.

Update: At last check only three fire departments were still on the scene, with my brother's crew being one of them. The fire was contained, but they are staying on scene till the fire is out. We only know of the three houses being lost to the fire. Once I get to talk to him, we will know much more info. I heard on the scanner that someone was being fined for burning trash, although I cannot confirm if that was the cause of this particular fire.

I have also been reading about the huge Bastrop County fire in central Texas that is just devastating.

I appreciate all your thoughts and prayers as we continue to pray for all the firefighters and victims of these fires. 


  1. just terrible - that trash barrel one - the responsible party should be charged with a crime...

    i saw the national news about the HUGE fire burning in bastrop county near austin. 400+ homes gone! just incredibly sad and terrifying.

  2. There just don't seem to be any words. Just know you're all in my prayers.

  3. I will pray for your brother's safety, and ALL the firefighters out there.

    You stay safe, too. I'll remember you in my prayers, too.

  4. Thank you ALL for your thoughts and prayers. They are much appreciated. T

  5. Hi Janice:

    I am so sorry about all the destruction in Texas. Then all the people suffering in heat and smoke. Hope rain comes your way soon. Be safe. Prayers for you and yours.



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