Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Blooms

I have been blessed with a few fall blooms in my yard! A few of my day lilies by my porch have bloomed over the last week. It was quite a pleasant surprise to have the repeat lily blooms.
 No matter how much I water, there is no replacement for real rain water. Last week we got little over an inch of rain and it helped some of these flowers look revived and happier. Its amazing that the morning glories have survived with out any water from me. They are growing on a fence too far away from my water hose and somehow have managed to bloom during the drought.
 This butterfly fluttered about recently, feeding off the zinnias growing around our porch. My yard is usually full of butterflies during the summer, but we've only seen a few passing through on occasion. I'm glad I had a little something for them to feed as they stopped by.
I just found out I get a three day weekend! Woohoo! I've got a lot of projects that I would love to work on, so hopefully I'll get a few of them accomplished this weekend. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. These are all beautiful photos! Good job.

  2. i'm impressed you have some blooms there. and hurray for the rain. let there be more on the way!!! at least, after hitting 100 one more time yesterday, we're only supposed to be in the 80s today...

  3. Love the Photos!!
    And enjoy your 3 day weekend Girl!!

  4. Beautiful! I admire your patience in capturing the butterflies. I have a terrible time with them.


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