Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Picture Frame Wreath

I'm a floral designer and florist are suppose to have big, beautiful wreaths on their front door...but we have a screen door that limits the space I can display a wreath in. Add in the fact that our front door faces the west and the afternoon heat leaves our door scorching hot - hot enough to melt glue, I have to get really creative in a small space!

When I started seeing the picture frame wreaths recently, I knew exactly what I wanted to do!

My front door is Farmall Red - literally! One night I got the urge to paint my door red and the only paint I could find at home was the Farmall Red Tractor paint. (We live too far out in the country to drive into town on every whim.)

I love bright and cheery sunflowers - they scream summer to me.

The picture frame was given to me by a friend when it did not sell in her garage sale. For a previous project, I had attached chicken wire where the glass should have been. I left the chicken wire for this project as well.

I got a wooden cross and mod podged it with random scrapbook paper. (I really want to get our initial in place of the cross- but I can't find one the right size.)

The welcome sign was among my random stuff and I thought it would be appropriate to greet guest ummm, me, when I get home!

Everything was discreetly attached to the frame with little pieces of raffia or burlap strings instead of hot glue, since the glue melts in the sweltering summer heat.

Instead of ribbon, I cut a strip of burlap to make my hanger.
So there you have it  - my skinny wreath to fit between my screen and storm doors!

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  1. very clever - and yeah, that western exposure to the sun is stupid hot these days!!! yesterday i burned myself on a plastic watering can...

  2. This is adorable. I love your red door. :)

  3. Very creative as usual, Janice! I love it!!! And, the red door!! :)

  4. Very cute and Very clever! And I LOVE the red door!

  5. I can't stand Talented people....Hahahaaaa....
    Super cool idea! I would have NEVER thought to do something like this! Love it!


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