Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Makeover

 I recently completed a Bathroom Makeover project. I wish I would have taken before pictures {shame on me}. Lets just say that the bathroom was mint green, pink, lavender, pale yellow, floral-ee. It was good for a while, but it was T-I-M-E for a change.

My inspiration came from the double-tree that is holding the curtain. I had recently purchased the antique piece from my Great-Uncles Estate Sale for a mere $10.00. I realized it would fit above the window and the wheels in my head started turning! I had also recently purchased this new Winchester shower curtain, complete with hooks, from a garage sale for $4.00. This was a design-on-a-dime project coming together! The shower curtain was hanging in the "other" bathroom - the one nobody uses or ever sees. So I shopped around the house and 'the building' and found some material that was purchased from the scrap basket at the local discount store - a perfect size for a curtain! Out came my Grandmama's antique Sew Gem sewing machine. I always have raffia on hand and it made perfect tie backs for the curtain.  

The grapevine had been around the mirror from the time the bathroom had a  pastel floral theme - (think wisteria frame for the mirror.)Now time for some reclaimed eucalyptus out of an arrangement at work, some pheasant feathers, and a few leftovers from the Christmas tree decorations (think country Christmas!)All these items were in the building.The same day my makeover began, someone was giving advise on the TV to shop around your home and move items from room to room - duh - I do it all the time:)!The brown shelf was another garage sale find that was green. A little spray paint and sand paper and it looked much better on that wall! The boot was an antique that a friend had give me and the red twigs were on my Christmas tree - re purposed. I found the Prairie Man lunch kit on a huge clearance sale for less than $5.00; its perfect for "hiding" seldom used items in a bathroom short on a storage.
The lamp was made from one of my daddy's boots. When he died, my mom give me two pair of his boots because she knew I would "do something with 'em." I did. I made her a lamp and an flower arrangement, a lamp for my brother, and one for me. I covered the lampshade with scraps of the same material that was used to in the curtain. Some scrap trim from another project give the shade a finished look.
My bathroom is short on storage - no drawers in a bathroom is difficult. A man certainly designed this house and didn't think about the needs of a woman needing to store makeup, etc. I was using one of the white plastic drawers for this purpose and it looked cheap and out of place...I LOVE burlap...I love to spray paint...White plastic drawers got a makeover too. I cut burlap to cover the frame of the drawer and painted the drawers to match the shelf on the wall. A little bling trim covered the rough edges...thank goodness for trim (and hot glue)!

 The candle was a dollar store clearance item. A strip of tooled felt and a metal running horse made it fit right in. The Stetson tin was a gift from a co-worker that is perfect for holding cotton balls and the plant is a Mother-In-Laws Tongue given to me by my ever-so-sweet and kind Mother-in-Law.

I love how it all came together and I think I spent around $30.00 to $40.00 on it all. It suites our style much better and it combines items from my family and history.

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