Saturday, November 11, 2017

10 Random Thoughts and Pictures

It's been a busy week on the go and I thought this was going to be a quite week! So hears a few scenes from the week

1. Sunset from the farm on Friday night - If you look close, one lone cow can be seen through the smoke settling over the pasture from a nearby property. 

2. Leaves are changing colors and falling fast. 
3. Cow silhouettes at sunset are one of my favorite things and those big ears!
3. Not so favorite thing - being wet and cold. Granted, I am very thankful for rain, I just don't like cold rain and getting soaked or having to wear too many layers to move and still being chilled to the bone. #readyforspring 
4. Daylight savings time... I'll gladly give up an hours sleep to spring forward again. All the clocks in the house haven't been changed yet.
5. I begged Jeff to drive one day, so I could do some hand sewing for a bouquet. #multitasking

6. These 2... sharing lunch at the DQ! We made the big loop Friday to the farm, shipping cattle, lunch at Dairy Queen, then went on to restock our Uniques and Antiques booth, then back home again. I "work from home" although I drove about 150-175 miles yesterday for work...

If you read my blog post from a few weeks ago, you'll know Trixie loves DQ and yes, she insisted upon going yet again! 
7. I packed up orders, including this bouquet, then headed off to the post office and skated in there with 3 minutes to spare - crazy Friday afternoon traffic in a small town... geez Loiuse! I could not deal with big city traffic.
8. Turquoise Shiny Brites... all the heart eyes! If I had room to put up a big tree in the house, these would not be available in our Uniques and Antiques booth. 
9. Santa Flannels arrived in our booth yesterday! One sweet customer bought a flannel before I ever got it hung up and several more of our rustic Christmas decorations. P.S. If you are reading this... Thanks Again, it was so nice to talk with you!
10. I officially became a coffee drinker this week! I ran out of orange juice before we could get back to the grocery store and Jeff made me some coffee. I doctored it up a little bit and I think I'm going to be hooked! My tumbler has been filled with coffee on several of our cold trips this week... pssstt,  there are new yeti style cup wraps in my shop.

Hope you had a great week!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Santa Claus in Watching You!

Santa Claus is watching you! Are you on his naughty or nice list???

I am loving these flannel shirts with Santa Claus on the back of them! There's just something extra comfy about flannels and add a vintage Santa... well what's more Christmasy than that? 

Santa is also ready to decorate your Yeti style stainless steel tumblers for the holidays! Add a fun wrap so you don't loose your drink or tumbler at the Christmas parties. My cup goes everywhere with me - I forgot it one day and felt so lost without it! 
Yeti cup sleeves
The elves at GypsyFarmGirl have been busy cutting out rusty tin signs as well! After several request for tin Christmas signs, I have created several stockings and Christmas trees. 
Rustic Christmas decorations
 Some have Merry Christmas painted on them, while others are awaiting personalization. I can add a name or sentiment to the stockings for you. These would look good on a door with your families last name or hanging from a mantle with individual names. (Please send a custom request if you need a larger quantity .)
tin stocking door decor

tin Christmas tree
 These signs could be added in a wreath or if you are like me and have a narrow space between your storm / screen door and interior door, they can substitute for a wreath. We only have a couple inches between the two doors and have to get creative for door decor.
Rustic Barn Tin Christmas Sign

 Dear Santa, Give me the junk.

I promise I've been good girl this year and would love a truck load of fun junk to work on and repurpose next year!
Stainless steel Christmas tumbler sleeve

Yeti wrap

Christmas cup cozy

This shirt is SUPER comfy, broke in, soft, and distressed... like I really want to keep it! It goes great with skinny jeans and boots.
Christmas Flannel Shirt
 These Santa flannels are all in my shop now. If you see another flannel you prefer, please message me and I can add a Santa to a different size, just for you.
Christmas Flannel Shirt

Remember when we were kids and we were always told mom had eyes in the back of her head and could see everything? Well, now you can have Santa's eyes keeping watch for you! 

P.S. The first Santa flannels sold out quickly, so grab them up while you can! They are available in my etsy shop for worldwide shipping or some will be stocked at our Uniques and Antiques booth in Mineola by the weekend.