Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Peaceful Place

I love this old pond and all the memories that have been created around the place...from feeding leftover bread to the fish with Grandmama as we checked cows, to fishing with my Granddaddy and occasionally my cousins, riding horses through the pond with friends and then stopping to eat hot dogs and chili cooked over a camp fire...lots of laughter and good times.

 I stopped here to reflect on my memories and enjoy the peaceful setting. The day was very cloudy, but the sun peeked through the clouds just long enough for me to capture the tree reflections in the water.
 After the big rain the night before, the pond was over flowing and this stream of water was running around the spill way, creating a soothing sound.
 I could have sit there for hours, listening to the water fall  and enjoying the peacefulness, as cattle grazed on the hill in the distance.