Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bathroom Makeover - Junk Style

Yesterday I shared my little chippy chair and today, I'm sharing the bigger picture! I am slowly working on renovating our bathroom. I was really needing a towel holder and this wall was blank, so I decided to hang this shutter on the wall. Two nails inserted through the hinges secure the shutter to the wall.

So you may be asking, " what's holding the towels?"
Farmall Man had a very inquisitive look on his face when I ask if we had any broken bungee cords laying around somewhere. With life on the farm, there is always a bungee cord somewhere. Low and behold, he had a drawer of salvaged metal S hooks. My man doesn't throw anything away ;) We recycle and reuse!
So the S hooks are used to hold the towels! No nails or damage to the shutter and an easy-peasy fix.
I already had the vintage shutter and bath sign on hand, I created a square rag wreath by using a picture frame base, and found the license plate for 25 cents at the garage sale last week. The shower curtain, complete with hooks, was found, new in package at a garage sale for a $1.00 last fall.
A recycled wooden picture frame was used to frame a basic mirror.
The old chair serves as a tub-side table.

I'm excited about my new towel rack and having towels hanging at an arm's reach from the bath tub.

So if you are keeping count:
$5 chair
$1 shower curtain
25 cent license plate
All other items were free or reused from somewhere else!

Now on to the next bathroom project...I need a new vanity. I have something very unique in mind, if I can only pull it all together!

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