Saturday, January 30, 2021

I had a dream... chase your dreams

I had a dream last night. I was at some kind of sit down banquet or reception. Everyone sitting at round tables...

A friend, actually just more of an acquaintance, announced she was not going to be going to the career choice everyone else “thought” she should take. She was turning down the mainstream 8-5 job. I could see all the gasp and judgmental looks, that were deflating her.

I’m usually the quiet one at an event like that, but...

Boldly from my chair in the back of the room, I spoke up. “I think it’s great! Will there be long hours? Yes. Will it be hard work? You bet ya. Yes, there be nights you’re sitting up at 1:00 am to figure out website improvements. Some days will be frustrating. You’ll work hard and be able to create your brand and tell others about what you do. You’ll make unique videos and teach them about the trends of your business. You will make awesome friends and connections along the way, that will be so rewarding. You’ll do great and it will so be worth it. I’m excited for you!”

This person just sat there, shocked that someone actually spoke up in support of her dreams, in a room where everyone stared, with shocked expressions. Then slowly, the room started clapping and came to a standing ovation. They started to congratulate her and wish her success.

I usually have scary dreams instead of “sweet dreams,” and I can’t pinpoint exactly who this person was or the exact thing she was planning to do, but in my dream I absolutely knew I had to boldly speak up to support them. So if that’s you, chase those dreams. It’ll be hard work, but so worth it! This has been on my mind ever since I woke up this morning and felt so convicted to share it. 

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