Monday, November 23, 2020

The 2020 Upside Down Tree

 Each year, I try to pick a theme for my Christmas decorations. +

Last week, while getting supplies, I saw a few tall flocked trees that I liked, but I just couldn’t bring myself to pay for new trees to go outside. After all, I’ve got about 16+ in the shed, most came from the thrift store or garage sale for $7 or less. I didn’t want to do an exact replica of last year, but I was drawing a blank, till I started dragging out the trees from the depths of my storage building. 


There was my silver tree that I’ve hung upside down before. It’s pretty scraggly, missing a few branches, a little (lot) wonky, but it still has potential. (wish I'd taken a before picture.) 


As I was hanging my tree by the camper, I got to thinking. You know, this tree is like 2020. There’s a lot that’s been upside down and crazy this year. Things are wonky... but there’s still been good things happen this year. This year lots of things have been missing, but just like adding all the tinsel, ornaments, and glitzy stems to help fill in the gaps, there’s been new and different alternatives that have came along to help fill the hole. 

Upside down Christmas tree


With some effort and some creativity, this tree can be pretty, although not the norm.  It absolutely can’t stand on its own anymore, but really none of us can. Branches are tied together and there’s some gaps here and there. The top section can’t hold itself upright, but it’s not noticeable when it’s hanging upside down. With a little effort, love, lights, ribbon, garland, and ornaments, its a totally different tree. 


Let us remember that even though there’s been lots of craziness and ugliness in 2020, there’s still good and pretty things that have happened this year that are worth celebrating and appreciating. There’s still love, new life, weddings and new beginnings, friendships - both new and old, new and established businesses trying hard to make it and some having there best year ever, there’s new homes for some, taking time to try new things, spending more time with family, gardening, experimenting, being creative, overcoming obstacles, enjoying nature, a stronger wave of supporting our local businesses and makers...I’m sure there’s much more to add to this list. 


Yep, the upside down tree and 2020, they are different... but hang in there friends - just like that tree top that can’t hold itself up, we all need each other to support each other through it all. Grab a branch from the second section and tie it to one from the first section. Now, do it again. And again. And again. 

Now let your light shine. 

Let your light shine

P.S. The rest of my "tree farm" is inspired by  my pink and aqua camper Christmas tee. Find it here. 

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