Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Ramblin's from the Back Roads - Support the Makers, Junkers, and Small Biz Girls

Ah, lately I've been sharing a few more of my "Ramblin's from the Back Roads" on IG and FB. I work mostly from home, but I've had jobs / appointments in Tyler and Dallas lately... this country girl was happy to return safely home on the rural route. Geez Louise - I don't know how /  why y'all deal with the traffic on a daily basis. So, while I've been travelling about or delivering orders, my mind wanders and my ramblin' thoughts come out... Now several of you have been saying "write a book, I'd buy it." Say what - you really would pay for my incomplete sentences and random thoughts and pictures from the Rural Route??? Hmmm... we will have to look into that. Where do we start??? 

For one, I really am trying to get back to blogging more. I started this post this morning, but the internet has been wonky with the storms and weather today, so I'm trying again this evening. The struggle is real, y'all! 

So any who... We had our workshop / presentation at the Texas 4H Agents State Conference this week. Below are my few of ramblin's I posted afterwards - Leopard Sunflower tee shirt by GypsyFarmGirl

Y’all know I’m passionate about a few things: supporting the makers and small businesses and of course repurposing / junkin. I’m also inspired by and motivated by those who get creative, when life gets tough and keep rolling on.

As I dressed for our repurposing workshop Monday, everything I had on (except my shoes - why can’t there be cute shoes that support me on my feet all day?) came from the makers, junkers, and small biz girls!

In the spring, I shopped a big vintage / maker market type show - instead of cancelling all together, Southern Charm at the Farm show went virtual and I was able to shop from my couch in Texas and got an upcycled spoon ring from For the Love of Junk Designs. They just announced the fall show will be virtual again! Y’all, I set my alarm to shop that show and still missed out on some beautiful pottery that sold in less than 5 minutes.

Same goes for my pants - they came from Valerie’s Fashion Barn. I found them through the Houston Rodeo (now Texas Festival Vendors) Facebook group that was created when the rodeo got canceled. Both these groups that were created to support their vendors and have reported phenomenal success. If you ever saw or heard me talk about my patchwork pants, you know I’m tickled pink to find this pair. I loved them and had worn them out and have searched everywhere for something similar and this is closest I’ve found, although without the paisley patchwork. Oh, this new pair even has pockets!

Several ask about my sunflower earrings
- they came from Jo at Farm Girl Glam. I ask if any of my maker friends had sunflower earrings and she came up with them!

Leopard sunflower tee by yours truly. (Find it here.) 
Thrift store vest - I really need to add lace to it.
Rope Your Dreams leather cuff bracelet from Country Soul, way back in the day. (She’s no longer making them.)

In our workshop Monday, I heard someone say “I don’t know what normal is anymore.”
Immediately I said “just a setting on the dryer.”

You know friends, this “season” is crazy, but if we think creatively and work at it, we can overcome a lot of things and help support each other. 🌻

(I know for sure @farmgirlglam and @fortheloveofjunk are on Instagram and Valerie's Fashion Barn is on Facebook.) 

I'll try to get my pictures from the workshop and a recap of that up soon. 

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