Saturday, April 20, 2019

"Live Life in the Fast Lane!" *advise from 89 year old vintage market shoppers

The stories from the market are the best! Getting to meet and visit with all of you, makes it fun and so worth it!
graphic tee shirt

Friday morning of the last Mineola Antique Fair, two ladies enter our booth, looking all sweet and nice. They look at a chenille bedspread and one tells me she got one of those as a wedding gift, 72 years ago!

vintage market space

Wow!!! I’m doing math in my head, thinking I hope I get around that good in my late 80’s or 90’s, as this conversation continues.
She moves down and starts reading the wash clothes. “Made of sugar and spice. Who says I have to be nice.” She bust out laughing and here I thought this sweet little lady might be turned off by that one...

She reads another: “Live life in full bloom...

...Nope, that’s not us, our motto is live life in the fast lane!”
“Oh yeah?!? I need to make a graphic and or tee shirt with that!”
“Oh yes, with a car or a black motorcycle on it... We’re the 80’s ladies. Well, till July anyways, then we’ll be the ladies of the 90’s!”
I show them a pink convertible graphic on my phone. “Oh yeah, that’d be cool!”
So take it from the fun 89 year old best friends: Live life in the fast lane - don't let it pass you by! 

Loved getting to visit with them! But dang y’all, I wish I’d got a picture with them or at least their names. I sure hope they come back again!

So the night after the show, I created this graphic, then I had to follow up and make shirts! 
pink convertible car with 2 women

Angea said the two girls in the car remind her of the two of us. (we share the booth and often go junkin' together.) She's the short haired driver with reddish pink hair, while I'm the one with a cowgirl hat on and turquoise! I didn't design it that way on purpose - I just took two of my digital graphic darlin's that were facing the same direction and looked like they belonged in the convertible together! 

The shirts are now available in my etsy shop or we will have them at the next Mineola Antique Fair in May! Don't see your size or want it on a different style shirt -  please send me a message and I can make more! 

Live Life in the Fast Lane - 
Don't let it pass you by! 

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