Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Dreaming of a Pink Christmas!

We were set up at the Mineola Antique Fair last week and had fall items, Christmas things, and just an overall assortment of fun stuff. We've got a little section of our booth that has the blush pink curtains and I couldn't help but take a few pictures of our new products while we were there. It seems we have a pink Christmas theme going on this year! The pink and aqua Christmas tree farm flannel shirt was a big hit - this was the only one left and you can now find it and all the vintage ornaments in my etsy shop. (I will be making more of the flannels, although none of them will be exactly the same.)

 I have to tell you the story about these ornaments. I know they may mean more to me than some of you, although I still want to pass it along to you and tell how they came to be.

We go junkin' every week, looking for treasures and things that speak to us, things that inspire us, and things that we think we can makeover.  Over the last few months, I have been gathering up those little tart pans and jello molds from estate sales. This particular set came from an estate sale of a lady I met at my first job at the flower shop. Her family was the founders of the shop, although they had sold it by the time I started working there. She was still a loyal customer and came in often and was a very sweet lady. There was lots of vintage doilies, linens, lace, and the tart pans that came home with me, when I shopped her estate sale.

 Now for the chandelier crystals - A couple of years ago, I shopped another estate sale of a family that had lived and worked in Gilmer all their lives. I found lots of treasures there and a broken chandelier came home with me. There was a ring with all these gorgeous old crystals hanging off of it. Honestly, it's been sitting in my shed for a while, just waiting for the right project. I had thought about making earrings or some kind of jewelry or maybe just selling them as is for someone else to make something. (Earlier in the year, I listened to a podcast and the lady said she hunted all the crystals like this and would pay $2+ per crystal at antique stores.)
 I gather little bottle brush trees from anywhere I find them!
 Same goes for vintage brooches!

And these little deer - aren't they the most precious little things you've ever seen???

We were visiting with another fellow collector and I ask if he had any little Christmas diddies at his store and he remembered having the little deer. I went by and purchased them later that afternoon! I mean, they just make me happy! 
 Then I started combining all the elements and the ornaments came to life! My favorites to ever make! I plan to keep at least one for myself, because they tell a story and have some history to them.
 You can find this set individually in my online shop and I can ship most anywhere or you can find them the second weekend of the month at our booth at the Mineola Antique Fair. (Local and want something? Send me a message and we can meet up sometime.)
 Perfect for a vintage themed Christmas tree or hang them from a garland like we did! I love to wrap my gifts and include a ornament in the bow and these would be a fun package adornment!
If you like more traditional colors, they aren't all pink - some are all green, some white, and a mixture of all the colors. I do plan to make more and recently came across a bunch of Christmas brooches, so I'll be working on those soon! I had already found and made the ornaments with  thepink bottle brush trees, when my monthly graphics box was delivered that had the pink and aqua colors in it...seems like it was all meant to be! 

I know for some of creators and junkers, the reward is not only finding something, but when we are inspired and get to create something new with what we have found. We saved old, broken or unwanted pieces and breathed new life into them. I hope these ornaments can bring you happiness as well, because they made me squeal with delight each time one was finished! 

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