Sunday, June 17, 2018

Quitman Arboretum, Stinson House, and Medicinal Herb Class

A few weeks ago, by Sister-in-Law Lisa shared a post on Facebook about a Medicinal Herb Class at the Quitman Arboretum. First, I didn't know there was an arboretum in Quitman (which is about 20 miles from our house) and second, I love herbs and wanted to know more. 

We discussed it and our schedules both allowed it, so we decided to go! Quitman Arboretum, here we come! My niece Brenna was also able to attend with us and we had a fun girls day. 

Holly Ross from Hollyberry Herb Farm near Canton, Texas was the presenter for the very informative and enlightening class! We got to make a herb tincture and purchased some herb plants that we usually don't see at the local garden centers. 

This quote was in our workbook and I believe this is the way we should view our food. I've always grown some herbs and love to pick them fresh for cooking, although now I will be studying and making some more tinctures and even household cleaners, with the plants I grow here at home. 

quote for healthy living and eating
After the class, we got to tour the arboretum grounds and the Stinson House that is on the arboretum property. The Quitman Arboretum is all volunteer operated and funded. Last year, they had extensive wild hog damage to the grounds and they are in a rebuilding and replanting stage. 

This was the drought tolerant garden - after the initial planting and first year of watering to get the plants established, there is no irrigation to the plants in this garden.

I've never grown echinacea, although I'll be looking for some plants to add to my garden and can even make some of our own tinctures in the future! I certainly think it is a very pretty plant and love the flowers! 

My husband swears by his triple echinacea (aff. link) tea for help with allergies. We order it on Amazon, since it is no longer available in local grocery stores. A few weeks ago, we ran out of his tea, before the new shipment came in (I procrastinated ordering it) and he had some dizzy spells and allergy trouble while we waited for it to come in. He was so relieved when it came in and two cups a day keeps him on track! I seldom get sick, but if I have a a scratchy throat, I'll drink a cup of the tea and it always helps me. 
 Here's the path to the gazebo. This place is great for pictures and is located right behind the Hogg Park in Quitman. It's such a peaceful and calm place!
 The property is steeped in history and has a story to tell - this is the George Bridge that was once used for wagon traffic to cross the Lake Fork Creek.

 The Stinson House is located on the arboretum property and the class was held indoors the home built in 1869. It is also very steeped in history. The first native born Texan to become Texas governor was Jim Hogg from Quitman - he married Sallie Stinson, who grew up in this house near the present day Pine Mills. Their daughter was Ima Hogg (yes, really) and she was instrumental in getting the house moved to the Governor Hogg Park in 1969. Ima's initials are on the trunk pictured below.
Lisa and I both loved the tour of the house! We both have a love for old homes and history, so this was a fantastic day. Last week, while we were at the Mineola Antique Fair, we got to talking about gardens, photography, and eating healthy with one of the co-owners of the fair. Through that conversation, we found out that Deanna is also the President of the Quitman Arboretum. She gave us the tour and told us a lot about the work of the arboretum. Lisa and I have already made plans to go back in December when they have the Christmas tour! The exterior of the home is currently being painted, so I didn't take exterior shots of the house with the ladders set up and windows covered with plastic. Rest assured, we will be going back! 

After we left the Arboretum, we headed down the road and had lunch in Mineola. Next, Lisa and Brenna shared one of their favorite place with me. While I have seen the signs for the Mineola Nature Preserve, I had never been and it was a treat! I can't wait to go back with Jeff for a return trip. I took lots of pictures there and we only saw a tiny portion of it (it's almost 3,000 acres!) I'll share them in another blog post, so stay tuned! 

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