Thursday, May 17, 2018

A Day in the Life of a Gypsy Farm Girl!

A day in the life of a gypsy farm girl.... 

At midnight I was sewing up my “gypsy sassy pants” (converting skirts to palazzo style pants.) They are so dang fun and cool to wear! I got stopped several times today and ask “is that pants?” “I love those!” 

Me: “Thanks, I made them!”

6:10-6:30 slapping the alarm clock. 

7:30 Packing up wedding orders to ship out. 

8:30 Meet up with Angea to go junkin, pickin’ and the post office, followed by a “board meeting”. 

These folks know how to host an epic garage sale! Great signs marking the way, everything priced, they brought us shopping baskets when they saw me snatching up the vintage lace and doilies, they had a tent, holding area for the big items we wanted, and even used a cash register to ring up purchases! 

11ish  Board meeting aka business lunch, aka what we do after Thursday morning pickin’. Some of our best ideas have came at the corner table at La Finca! Tea and green sauce, yes please! We’ve got visions for our Mineola Antique Fair space that are exciting! Can you make sense of the scribbles? 

12:30 A trip to the store for all the soaps - laundry, hair, and Jeff’s “old man soap” as he calls it and cat food. Got to keep the boss cat happy and everybody clean! 

Home again.

3:00 Hook up trailer and head to the farm. 

We dated in this truck, sold it 15 years ago and it came back home this weekend. ❤️ It just feels right in the red farm truck! 

The start of this blog post came, while Jeff drives to the farm. I’m typing on my phone, windows down, the air and ideas flowing through the truck. 

Farm chores

We got the cow herd up in the pens and sorted some heifers to take to market. I grabbed a light weight, long sleeve shirt, should’ve grabbed a hat too... gotta little sun on my face. 

That one in the center looks all sweet... Let me tell ya, that is one crazy heifer! Our herd is usually very calm, but this one was a wild one to pen and thankfully no one got ran over by her! 

Ronnie D Donkey kicked up his feet after he got turned out and he said “see ya” as we left out with our trailer load. 

7:45 Our calves were delivered and now we are home again. The dogs were ready for supper, their nightly run outside, and we had supper to fix.

Along the way, we’ve sold some candle stands, answered and read email, and handled some other business.

My jeans (and me) were splattered with cow poo, so baths and clothes washing also happened. I can usually load cattle without getting too dirty, but the heifers were a messy bunch today!

11:20 Finally finishing up my blog post and getting it to a computer to finally publish. There used to be a blogger app, but a few phone updates back, it disappeared, which makes it harder to blog on the go. 

Tomorrow we ship more items out and I plan to stay home and work most of the day! Weddings, sewing shirts, making tin signs, who knows what all the day will entail? No day is ever the same and I like it that way! 

I started out sewing and wearing my gypsy pants and ended it sitting with my girls (dogs) on the couch! I’d call it a great day!!! 

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  1. Love this post! I cam really relate to the wild heifer and cow poo! But isn't it so satisfying to work with them!
    I dug out two old chicken feeders from the scrap pile and planted hens and chicks in one and rose moss in the other. We raise poultry for Tyson so I had no trouble finding the feeders.


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