Sunday, September 17, 2017

Looking back on this week...

It's been a busy week on the go, with lots of pretty flowers, a little bit of junk, and some cows and farm work thrown in! 

Monday started off with me picking up flowers and creating wedding bouquets for a Tuesday wedding. Yes, you read that right, the wedding was on Tuesday, but I'm not sure the significance of that day. I was sent two pictures of the gorgeous stained glass windows in the church and a couple of screen shots from pinterest of flower crown ideas. The bride said she wasn't picky, wanted something to coordinate with the stained glass in shades of red, blue, purple, green, and a touch of gold. 

boho bridal bouquet
This was her bridal bouquet! Red roses, blue hydrangeas, blue thistle, delphinium, purple larkspur, millet, hypericum berries, scabiosa pods, bronze amaranthus, and assorted greenery comprised the bridal bouquet and alter arrangements.

The bride was gorgeous and I hope to be able to feature her pictures here soon. 
boho bridal flowers
I think this was the first flowers crown I have made with fresh flowers! I  was a little nervous about it, but think it tuned out great for her. 
The bride definitely wore it better than me...The flowers were delivered Tuesday on my way to some appointments.  
Tuesday also brought about a surprise share from Junkyjoey on facebook and lots of new faces on my page! So to all of you I say Welcome and Thank You!
Fall tin pumpkin signs

Hurricane Irma brought cloud cover and cool weather to East Texas on Tuesday as well. I did some mowing at the farm, while checking on the cows and horses.
Homecoming time for the Gilmer Buckeyes! I took some special request for mums and delivered on Wednesday, along with getting my yearly haircut, meeting with other customers and shipping out flannels and more tin pumpkins.
Thursday of course is junkin' day with Angea! We restocked our Uniques and Antiques booth and did a short video discussing some of the items in our space.

This suitcase is in our booth now and it describes this week! Lots of wondering and wandering, but we aren't lost! 

Checking cows Thursday and all the babies had to gather around my truck and attempt to wash it! Ha! Between the dirt roads, summer ending on a dry  and dusty note, and driving in the pasture, this truck can't stay clean.
I finished up some more wedding flowers, including this sunflower and burlap bouquet with feathers and dried wheat.
burlap and sunflower fall bride's bouquet

When I filled out my planner on Sunday night, I thought my key events for the week would be over by noon on Friday and I was going to be a "hermit" on Saturday and work on new items, spend extra time at the farm, or just hang out, without makeup or fixing my hair. Well, plans change and I was asked to design flowers for a couple of funeral services this weekend, so I went to pick up more flowers and created tributes for them.
masculine fall flowers
The fall flowers are just the prettiest and I think most elegant of the year! I love the rich and deep colors... These kind clients simply ask for fall flowers and said "we trust you." I went to the wholesale floral supply and hand picked all the flowers for the arrangements. Saturday they told me the flowers were "more than they ever could have imagined" and received so many compliments. 

Now for Saturday, the day I was going to be a hermit! My friend called me and said there was some barns she was helping a friends clean out that had my name wrote all over it. That most of the stuff was going in the trash or burn pile if I didn't come rescue it. Well of course, I had to go pickin' through the barns and rescued a couple of truck loads of treasures!
Gone Junkin'!
I got my first load early, went home to unload, change clothes, eat a sandwich and then make and deliver more flowers for another service, have more flower consultations, and then I went back for another load of junk.
casket flowers
For this service, the family wanted bright colors, with sunflowers, blue, red, purple, and white flowers. 

I came home as the sun was fading lower in the sky, with another load of rusty treasures. From farm implements and tractor parts, to old chairs, shelves, bricks, chicken crates, cages, and all kinds of rusty buckets, tools, and that huge mailbox! We've got a little surprise project we are working on and some of these new found items will surely find new life with it. 

It's been a super busy week and I am thankful for all of you who allow me to be a part of it! May all of our new friends find it welcoming here at GypsyFarmGirl and Janice East Designs (my fresh flower site)! I appreciate all of you who allow me to be a part of your weddings, events, or ask me to create tributes for your loved ones, the friends who pass along your referrals,  the ones who share your junk with me or share my post with others, and those who wear something I've made or decorate your homes with some of my hand made items. Thanks for being a part of my tribe! Y'all are the BEST!!!

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  1. You.Are.Amazing.
    It has been a great journey watching you grow your business, Janice.
    I salute you!


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