Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Pink Rose and Vintage Lace Kind of Day 💝

It was a pink rose and vintage lace kind of day and oh how pretty they are! Can't you just feel soft velvety petals and smell the sweet scent? 

I had several arrangements to deliver in the area and love this mixture of spring and feminine flowers. 
I'm also loving this new Gypsy Dianthus (the hot pink cluster of flowers) that I've been able to get from our wholesalers recently. I've had dianthus in my yard for several years, but I'm tickled pink to find it as a cut flower and how awesome is it that they call it Gypsy?!? One of my sales reps said it was fitting for me! 
Also with pink roses - I've been adding some new shirts to my Etsy shop this week. There are three different white shirts with a pink rose print and stripe cross and vintage heart doily sewn to them. 
repurposed clothing with heart and cross

cross my heart
I altered this shirt by cutting off the sleeves to make it a lightweight summer top. 
repurposed clothing
I then added some lace patches and rose fringe to the back for a truly one of a kind shirt. 
upcycled clothing

Queen Anne's Lace and Roses... 💗
fresh flower bouquet

Oh, and on a ending note - 

I delivered flowers to one lady and left with two bags of blackberries! So, I made cobbler when I got home! On another stop, a friend shared some junk with me. I do love my tribe and thank y'all for being a part of it! Now, I must go sample the cobbler... 

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