Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Tumbler Wraps!

Fun new tumbler wraps are now available online. Show your Yeti some L-O-V-E with a new rustic sleeve, just in time for Valentine's Day. Of course, they can be used anytime and will fit other 30 ounce cups (mine is not the name brand)! I can't pick a favorite one. 
I mean pink Mason jars, leopard print arrows, heart with wings, lace, and jute - whats not to LOVE about all that?!?
Junk is Love, with fun furry fringe! And with some strange turn of events, I'm starting to like leopard print (but only in small batches.) 
 Gone Junkin' and Vintage trucks and glampers - see why I can't pick a favorite? Turquoise and now Hot Pink fringe options, after someone inquired about pink fringe on these.

 Fun and Flirty Vintage Cowgirls and Lace
 Or just a little rustic and shabby.

Seven new styles, seven days of the week...hmmm, maybe my tumbler needs a different outfit for everyday of the week! So tell me - which one do you LOVE the most???

Find all these and more in my etsy shop
Additional wraps and styles available in our Uniques and Antiques booth in Mineola, Texas

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  1. Do you only sell these tumbler wraps on etsy? :)

    1. The wraps are available in my etsy shop (guest checkout now available, if you don't have an account), a small assortment in our Uniques and Antiques booth in Mineola, TX or if you want to email me which ones you want, I can do a PayPal invoice.

      (Your profile is set to no-reply blogger, so I can't email reply to you.) Please let me know how I can help you. Thanks!


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