Sunday, January 24, 2016

Open House

Today was Open House at the new McWhorter Funeral Home. My good friends have built a beautiful new facility and I helped them decorate for the event today. 

The four of us all worked together at the flower shop, previously owned by Amy (third from left). Her and her husband have built the new business. The four of us hadn't all been together at the same time, since the shop sold. We had a great team and I enjoyed working with each of them and consider Amy, Sharlette and Angea three of my best friends! 
I was happy to help them out and got to work with fresh flowers this weekend. 

It takes someone with kindness, compassion, and sincere empathy to provide such a service to grieving families  and they possess those qualities.  Wishing them all the best with their new endeavor! 

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  1. Beautiful flower arrangement, Janice!

    So, Amy and her husband built the funeral home? Does this mean that you'll get future work on floral arrangements?



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