Sunday, December 6, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree, how ugly you were to begin with! I should have taken a before picture of this tree, when I found it at a sale. It was sticking out like a sore thumb in the parking lot at the Junk in the Trunk fall sale. Holey and thin, with a plastic base, and one string of colored lights, the lady apologized and sympathetically said, "it can be a pretty tree." Of course, I knew it could be too! 

My first thought was, I can always cut it a part for centerpieces, but then I got to decorating around the camper and let's just say, she didn't get cut a part (yet!) Actually, I took fresh pine and cedar cuttings and added into the big gaps, to make it fuller and prettier. It added a little personality to the tree. 

I shoved her down in an old wash tub, tying two branches to the tub handles and draped two burlap coffee sacks in the tub to hide the base. Being outdoors by the camper, the bucket is heavy enough to keep it from blowing over. 

She got a grapevine garland, white lights and a few burlap ornaments to dress her up, rustic and simple. 

This is one of the trees displayed by my camper. The other two are simple as well, with just lights and some tinsel. 

More pics of Miss Gussie's Glamper Christmas, coming soon! I need to fine tune my camera settings to capture more... 

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